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We want you to be a member of the SCBA.  Here's how:





The SCBA is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who loves good barbeque. Once you become a member, you can attend our Judges Seminar, the first step in becoming a South Carolina Certified Judge. The Judges Seminar is held each year in July at an additional cost of $50.The date and location of the seminar can be found on our Calendar of Events.. After completing the Judges seminar and the Certification process, you will receive a SCBA Certified Judges apron with the SCBA logo and the words, "SCBA Certified Judge" on it.




$35.00 per year
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$60.00 per year
*A Family Membership is limited to immediate family members only (husband, wife, son, daughter) who reside at the same address.
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Please contact  if you have membership questions or comments. 








Cooking with the SCBA in competition