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Brown’s Bar-B-Q

Address: 809 N Williamsburg County Hwy, Kingstree, SC 29556
Phone: (843) 382-2753‎
Cards: all
Cost: $8.95 buffet, or plates $7.95.
Hours of operation: Monday - Tuesday, 11-2:00pm;
Wednesday -Friday, 11:00 -9:00pm; Saturday, 11-3pm.

People go out of their way to go to Brown's




If there was ever a 100 mile barbeque Brown's was it. It's amazing how many people I know (including my wife) who make a side trip to Brown's to get barbeque when they are on their way to the beach.

People who like vinegar and pepper barbeque, the "original" barbeque, and like it spicy considered Brown's to be the ultimate. If you ever got up a conversation about barbeque anywhere in South Carolina it wasn't long before the name "Brown's" cropped up.

However, a few years back Brown's, which is a large restaurant (it has to be to hold its customers), started cooking over gas rather than wood and you can tell it.  Also, the long-time service with a smile at Brown's seems to be a thing of the past.  Now there seems to be a bit of an adversarial attitude from those that wait on the patrons.

Still, Brown's does a fierce take-out business since so many people stop in to get some for supper or to take on trips, but the restaurant is large enough so that you will find a seat. But not before you help yourself to the buffet.

They have the typical large "Pee Dee area" buffet even though Williamsburg County isn't Pee Dee but rather low-country; that is, it has catfish stew, chicken bog, fried chicken, fried fatback and remarkable vegetables. They even have vegetable soup. The sweet potatoes (called "yams" down there) are legendary and are not to be missed.

The deserts there are wonderful. The homemade pecan pie is not only my favorite but it's as good as I make myself and I pride myself on my pecan pie.

And have you ever had barbequed pig's feet? The only place I've ever seen them is at Brown's. I think they're good (the skin is chewy though) and you've got to try them if nothing else just to say you have had them.

Brown's may not be up to its old standards but it's still worth the trip.








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