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Smokin’ Pig

Address:  720 Anderson Dr.,
Williamston, SC 29697

              6630 Clemson Blvd.,
Pendleton, SC 29670

Phone: 864-841-2323 (Williamson)
            864-646-5150 (Pendleton, SC)
Web site:
Cards: yes
Hours of operation: Thursday –Saturday, 11:00 am –9:00 pm

Solid barbeque with some nice extras





Smokin’ Pig has two places in the upstate, Pendleton and Williamston, and in both you get the same barbeque and the same friendly service.  Smokin’ Pig has table service rather than a buffet and when you sit down, you get a bowl of fresh skins delivered to your table as an hors d’oeuve (if such a thing can exist in a barbeque house) even before you order your meal. Nice.

Also nice are the ribs which are dry rub with four sauces on the table, if you want them.  And while the upstate mustard sauce was my favorite of their four, the ribs are best eaten as they serve them which is fall off the bone tender.  The barbeque, however, is better with their thinnest vinegar and pepper sauce to add a pit of pep.  Like most modern restaurants they use an Old Hickory smoker (one often also finds Southern Pride smokers) to prepare their meats and that does a good job at cooking it low and slow so as to make it tender and juicy while adding just the right amount of smoke.

When I was last there, there were eight tables being served and six of them had kids sitting with their family so it is family friendly, as is their menu.  The restaurant is decorated in a fun way with old signs and other interesting décor without being over done.  Coupled with fast and very friendly service it all made for a pleasant visit.

Smokin’ Pig also has many, many sides to choose from and all I had were very good, especially the Brunswick stew, found in upstate houses rather than hash, which is found from the midlands down to Charleston and in the Pee Dee region of the state.  I liked their stew so much I even took some to go home.

It may not be 100 mile barbeque but it is solid good and a real addition to both the Williamston and Pendleton barbeque scene.  Try it out if you are in the area.



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