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Bar-B-Que House

Address:  1205 Highway 17N, Surfside Beach, SC 29575
Phone: 843-477-1801
Address:  1561 Highway 17N, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Phone: 843-249-6901
Web site:
Cards: yes
Hours of operation:  11:00am -9:00pm, seven days a week.

"Go for the ribs"



BBQ House Myrtle Beach

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The Bar-B-Que House is a sit-down and order restaurant that has a number of items on the menu other than barbeque: the beach is a tourist area, after all, so they try to cater to everyone.  But barbeque is the reason for the restaurant, of course, as the name implies.  And while it is sit-down rather than buffet, they serve up generous portions when you order. 

They slow cook their butts and ribs the way they are suppose to and they use a Southern Pride cooker as so many restaurants do now.  Those cookers have a smoke box on them and are designed for in-town restaurants who want to slow cook their meat and give it a genuine smoked flavor. 

For me the ribs were the stand-out hit.  You should order them with the sauce on the side; however, since the rib sauce is the usual thick, sweet sauce that one finds on most ribs that are served in restaurants.  With the sauce on the side you get to taste those fall-off-the-bone tender ribs that are smoked just right. 

The barbeque, to me, was a bit too bland.  It was improved by the addition of their vinegar and pepper sauce.  If vinegar and pepper is not your first choice the Bar-B-Que House makes several sauces available, including a very good mustard sauce.  The mustard sauce has a healthy helping of black pepper which I liked.  Sometimes I like my mustard sauce just that way and Bar-B-Que House hit the button on that one.

They served some really good hush puppies with the meal and those are served with all of the barbeque orders; thank goodness for that because they are quite good indeed.

They have two fresh slaws for you to choose from and while I generally like the red slaw when it is offered, I actually preferred the creamy slaw better as the red slaw was a bit too sweet for me.  However, if you like a touch of sugar in your slaw get the red slaw as it is a good compliment to the barbeque.

Bar-B-Que House has the usual sides for this type restaurant, onion rings, French fries, beans and so forth.  They are all quite good.

What is outstanding are the ribs so when you’ve just got to have some real barbeque ribs, don’t head for those chain restaurants that all seem to offer an ersatz rib product, head for the Bar-B-Que House and get the real thing.









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