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Cannon's BBQ

Address: 1903 Nursery Road, Little Mountain, SC, 29075
Phone: (803) 945-1080
Cards: No; cash and check only
Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11:00 am to 8:00pm


South Carolina's best kept barbeque secret





Cannon’s is the most overlooked top barbeque house in the state.  There are some real reasons for this oversight but, happily, none that can’t be overcome.

First of all, Cannon’s is relatively new, only a few years old.  Secondly, it’s in a bit of an out-of-the-way spot.  Little Mountain on US Highway 76 in Newberry County isn’t exactly a Mecca for tourists despite the fact that the locals call Little Mountain “the South Carolina Alps.”  Then there are the Cannons themselves, sort of low-key.  In fact, they didn’t bother to put up a sign with their name on it.  You have to just know it’s there and find it yourself.

But finding it isn’t quite as hard as it seems.  Driving north on US 76 out of Columbia or Irmo, Cannon’s is 1.8 miles north of the Lexington/Newberry County line.  And as you get there it is at the intersection of US 76 and Nursery Road.  The diner is in two white trailers that have been put together and where those two roads (Nursery Road and US 76) come together to form a Y, Cannon’s is easily seen from the road.

But talk about doing it the old-fashioned way!  Leroy Cannon, the pit master at his name-sake restaurant, says, “I don’t know how to cook with gas and I don’t want to learn either.”  And that sums up the philosophy of this little, out of the way, barbeque house.
And you tell me, where else have you seen real hash cooked in iron wash pots over real wood? 

Back a few years ago Leroy Cannon and his brother-in-law Jim Chapman decided that what their neck of the woods needed was some “real barbeque” so they started cooking.  What they cook in this out-of-the-way place is some of the very best, slow cooked, wood smoked, mustard style barbeque and ribs you will find anywhere.  And, oh yeah, that hash. It’s succulent, just what you would expect from people who take the time to do it from scratch they way grandpa did it.

The restaurant is small, just a refitted trailer actually, but the flavors are big and the service is country friendly.  They like their barbeque done right at Cannons and they like their customers too and it shows.



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